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€9.99 for your choice of 2x Products of either FreezeFrame Butt lift, Wrinkle Filler, Liposlim Cellulite Eraser or Boost Eye Roller.

Choose 2x items from the below Freezeframe products. A great discount on these award winning beauty tools.

Freezeframe Brazilian Butt Lift Cream

Get a rounder, firmer and lifted butt with Freezeframe Brazilian Butt lift Cream. Freezeframe brazillian butt cream is the winner of the Image Beauty Awards 2013 - Best for lifting in body care.

Freezeframe brazillian butt cream is the winner of the Image Beauty Awards 2013 - Best for lifting in body care. Clinically proven to stimulate fat and give you curves in all the right places, freezeframe brazilian butt lift utilises not one, but two clinically proven technologies which are proven to increase volume as well as lift and firm body contours.

Benefits & Features
•    Winner of the Image Beauty Awards 2013
•    Gives you curves in all the right places
•    Increase volume as well as lift & firm body contours

FreezeFrame Instant Wrinkle Filler 10ml

FreezeFrame Wrinkle Filler gives a long term, wrinkle reducing effect when used regularly of up to 63.13% reduction  in 28 days. This wrinkle filler has an instant freezing and smoothing effect on expression wrinkles including crows feet, frown lines and expression lines

Freezeframe has an instant freezing and smoothing effect on expression wrinkles including crows feet, frown and expression lines.

Features and Benefits
•    Instantly fills and conceals fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections.
•    Wrinkles are plumped from the inside out in just 10 minutes.
•    Starts to work immediately with end results visible in under an hour.
•    Wrinkles, dark circles and imperfections on skin are immediately diffused.
•    Can be used in the comfort of your own home.
•    Ideal for Crows Feet, Fine lines, enlarged pores, and lip lines.

Freezeframe Boost Eye Roller 10ml

Freezeframe BOOST can be worn with freezeframe with INHIBOX to enhance the benefits, or under your regular moisturiser – you won't even know it's there-and soon, the same will be said for your wrinkles! Used regularly, you will see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of expression wrinkles by 63.23% in just 28 days.

Benefits & Features
•    Freezeframe BOOST is 13.13% more powerful than any other facial relaxer – making it 26.6% more effective.
•    Quickly absorbed.
•    Starts working immediately with wrinkle reduction up to 63.23% in just 28 days.
•    Can be used under FreezeFrame with INHIBOX (Botox Alternative).
•    Containing Caffeine and Pro-Vitamin B5, the ultra-thin gel formula has an instant cooling effect.
•    The massaging roll-on applicator helps stimulate microcirculation for a bright-eyed look.

FreezeFrame Liposlim Cellulite Eraser

Now you can Smooth away ugly cellulite in just10 minutes and reduce the appearance of both cellulite and ordinary Fat in just 6 weeks with FreezeFrame Liposlim. FreezeFrame Liposlim's unique built-in tri-ball massager helps massage away lumps and bumps.

Benefits & Features
•    Deeper penetration of active ingredients.
•    Increases microcirculation, further aiding skin smoothing.
•    Assists in breakdown of stubborn fat cells and aid their passage out of your body.
•    Visible results in just 10 minutes.
•    Long term results.
•    86% of women who tested FreezeFrame Liposlim saw a visible reduction in thigh/ leg circumference during clinical trials.
•    Clinically proven to reduce cellulite developing with long term use.

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