Sole Control

€4.99 for a Pair of Orthotic Insoles in 2 Colours & 5 Sizes

    Sole Control Pro full length orthotic insoles


  • Designed to Support and re-align the foot into the correct position, allowing it to function correctly, and correct many other foot conditions.
  • Medium density medial and lateral arch supports and cupped heel help stabilise and naturally position the foot into the correct alignment, reducing the pressure on the heel and ball of the foot, and in turn correct many other foot problems.
  • The shock absorption system and contoured, cupped heel naturally and effectively reduce the impact on the heel of the foot.
  • Constructed from EVA, a material known for its lightweight shock absorbing properties.
  • Designed to be trimmed to perfectly fit your shoes.
  • Podiatrist designed.

These high quality insoles are designed to:

  • Treat overpronation, fallen arches, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, ankle pain, Morton’s neuroma, bunions, metatarsalgia, runner’s knee, aching legs and associated pain in the knee, hip and lower back caused by misalignment of the foot.
  • Gently and naturally reposition the foot, enabling it to maintain a neutral position, ensuring both the feet and joints of the lower body maintain their correct alignment and work in harmony.
  • Dramatically reduce the impact of hard exercise on the heel and ball of the foot. Our cutting edge design pairs our advanced, effective shock absorption system with our softest metatarsal pad, for results you can feel.
  • Offer ultimate comfort, whether walking or running

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  • Delivery costs an additional €3 per voucher / item
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